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Mev Dinc is an accomplished programmer of videogames with a string of hits to his name. But his story of going from a small remote village in Turkey (rubber shoes all year round, freezing cold out house!) to learning English watching TV, to hob-nobbing with industry execs around the world in their fast cars and fancy restaurants, shows just what you can do if you're smart, kind and determined. Can't wait for his story to be made into a film!

Jon Dean

Mev Dinc has made a huge impact on the games industry, so I was looking forward to reading his story and how he got into the world of games development. I had no idea about the vast challenges he faced, and it was very humbling learning about his journey through childhood to where he is now. A fascinating insight and story which I couldn't put down. Comes highly recommended.

Frank Gasking

Such an inspiring story! I enjoyed every second of it! What makes this book so interesting is that Mev Dinc is completely real and raw, and the book itself is an emotional roller-coaster. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud, and then near tears as you read about his life from his childhood through today. Whether you're a game developer or not, this book has lots of things for you to learn about being successful in life and proves how anything is possible if you put your mind to it and just believe in yourself. I warmly recommend it.

Cagdas Erturk

I really love this book. It is raw and honest with the heart and soul of a veteran game developer that is now legendary. You won't want to put this book down. Thanks, for your creative genius and amazing talent that has driven great game development through all the triumphs and challenges over the years.

Paul Hope

-- Inspiring. Teaching. Real -- This rollercoaster is no fiction. Wow! Sincerely written. Like a diary. Such inspirational lives are precious and must be shared. A piece of history of the gaming industry is the bonus.

Amazon Customer

-- A life-affirming read! -- Mev's story is such a life-affirming tale of the mystery and adventure that is life, so rightly described as ‘a game’. It's like a philosophical model through which to understand our lives and play the game of it to the full! It’s as if this book and story came to me when I really needed to read it, and through the stories of Mev's life adventure, I was too able to understand the ones in my own so much better. This isn't just a biography, this is an adventure book of a real person, who played life like a game and understood it as such so that we may understand our own adventure too. Almost like Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist', but REAL! As you read this book, you will feel that it arrived in your life at the right time. Good luck!

Imran Yusuf